Product Sources

HJS Emission Technology GmbH & Co. KG

HJS Emission Technology GmbH & Co. KG, Menden, Germany, is producer of OE/OES exhaust systems for the German auto industry (BMW, MB, VW, Audi and Ford). The HJS range includes exhaust kits, hanger clamps, brackets, flexible joint tubes, catalytic converters and more. (908) 595-0007,

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NEUSPEED offers its VW GOLF-R cat-back exhaust system. The company’s latest generation of exhausts use aerospace quality T304 stainless metric-sized tubing for maximum flow. Two low restriction mufflers at the rear are carefully designed to reduce weight and meet State noise restriction standards. Mandrel bends tubing, precise fit flanges, mounting hangers, gasket, ...

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SP Tools

SP Tools now offers oxygen sensor wrenches with the new  SP Spline Grip Drive. Both super duty strength 12 and 6 Pt. wrenches have contact points that drive the flats of the O2 sensor hex increasing turning torque capability on extremely tight and frozen-in-place O2 sensors. With the SP Spline ...

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Motovicity offers HKS, the brand Toyota enthusiasts come to when looking for an exhaust. The Hi-Power Exhaust systems from HKS are designed to optimize the sound and performance of your vehicle while minimizing low frequency exhaust drone that can be heard in many other aftermarket exhaust brands. (855) 800-7150,

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Bosal USA

Bosal USA, Inc.’s, next generation converter consists of spun ends which eliminates welding and the possibility of leaks, laser welded seams; OE mat; calibrated sizing, and OE washcoat technology. The company says with these features, coupled with an increase in precious metal content, the converters are designed and built to ...

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