Looking for new sources of import automotive products? In the following pages, several WDs describe the products and services they offer.

The industry defined as “motor vehicle supplies and new parts merchant wholesalers” included 14,139 establishments and earned $146.9 billion in sales in 2012, according to data from the 2012 Economic Census recently released by the U.S. Census Bureau. The industry included 201,663 paid employees and had an annual payroll of $9.1 billion.

The Census Bureau defines the industry as follows: “This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the merchant wholesale distribution of motor vehicle supplies, accessories, tools, and equipment; and new motor vehicle parts (except new tires and tubes).”

This is the industry we focus on in the following pages. Here, in our 17th annual Warehouse Distributor Forum, you’ll find information about companies that distribute products for the import automotive aftermarket. These include distributors of replacement parts, accessories, performance parts, and other products for import vehicles of all ages.

For each of these companies, you’ll find basic information about the company, a brief description of the sorts of vehicles and products in which it specializes, and contact information that will help you get any additional details you may need. Here, in our Warehouse Distributor Forum, they describe in their own words the products and services they offer.

If you’d like to get more information about a company featured in the Warehouse Distributor Forum, or anywhere else in this magazine, visit the company’s website or give them a call. Ask about the product you saw in Import Automotive Parts & Accessories magazine. Or, if you would like to learn about several companies, in one easy step, use our Rapid Response Reader Service. Just go to our website, click on the “Rapid Response Reader Service — IAPA” button, log in, and select the companies that you’d like to learn more about. We’ll instantly send your request to the key person at each
company. To get started, visit us at www.meyerspublishing.com.


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