Performance Accessories’ Premium Lift System

Performance-Accessories-products@60Performance Accessories’ Premium Lift System is the only way to lift the 2015 model Toyota Tundra, without altering the factory suspension components. The Premium Lift System PN PLS573 combines the highest quality body-lift and leveling kit to raise the vehicle 5.5-inches, allowing the use of up to a 35-inch diameter tire. Because only the body is raised and all OE suspension components are retained, the truck keeps the factory smooth ride, with improved ground clearance, and no adverse affects to the factory stability controls or drivetrain angles. The Premium Lift system consists of a top strut assembly spacer and a coil spring spacer, designed to limit coil spring pre-load and prevent premature suspension wear on other components. This system is made in the U.S. and comes with everything necessary for installation.
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