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MAHLE-products@60MAHLE Service Solutions offers ACX, its new line of ArcticPRO A/C service equipment. The ACX1280 series is designed to service the new R1234yf refrigerant worldwide. The ACX1180 series is specifically designed to handle R134a refrigerant. The ACX1280 is certified to meet all applicable performance and safety standards in the stringent SAE J2843 standard. The ACX1280 features fully automatic servicing to ensure easy, time-saving and precise service on R1234yf air conditioning systems in vehicles.The ACX1180 series for R134a is a flexible machine that can be easily customized to meet the exact needs of technicians. It features the ability to add a printer, a refrigerant identifier and TechALERT, MAHLE Service Solutions’ patented remote paging device. TechALERT allows one technician to monitor as many as four machines while performing a separate service elsewhere in the shop.
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