Keep it performing. Keep it safe. Keep it genuine with Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts

Mercedes-Benz drivers expect the best. When their vehicle requires maintenance or repair, be sure to recommend nothing less than the dependable fit and quality of Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts. Keeping it genuine means protecting your customers’ investment so they can continue to experience all the performance, style, comfort, and safety they expect from Mercedes-Benz.

1-Brake@150Keeping it genuine means never underestimating the most critical safety feature of a Mercedes-Benz: Its braking system. Designed to the unique specifications of Mercedes-Benz, it features brake pads and rotors made from precisely engineered metal compounds designed and tested at the high speeds and extreme stresses of the German Autobahn. This ensures their ability to bring two tons of fast-moving machinery to a safe and sure stop, time and time again, under both routine and emergency conditions.

Keeping it genuine also means providing fresher air by protecting the vehicle’s occupants from pollen and irritating air pollutants with Mercedes-Benz Cabin Air Filters. This patented filter consists of two layers. The first is made of coarse fibers that filter out large particles such as dust and pollen. The second is made from a micro-fiber material that is electrostatically charged in order to help prevent exhaust particulates, spore, and bacteria from entering the cabin. Mercedes-Benz Cabin Air Filters not only protect the vehicle’s occupants, they also help provide reliable protection for the vehicle’s heating, ventilation, and climate control systems.

3-Battery@150Lastly, keeping it genuine means providing superior power reserves for your customers with Genuine Mercedes-Benz Batteries, because the importance of the right high-performance battery should not be taken lightly. Genuine Mercedes-Benz

Batteries are the power sources of one of the most advanced electronic systems in any vehicle on the road. In addition to energizing the starter and ignition system, they handle all the sophisticated electronics in your Mercedes-Benz.

With features such as entertainment systems and heated seats, vehicles consume more electricity now than ever. This can be problematic if the battery is not strong enough to perform when necessary. In terms of high cyclic durability, superlative material, build quality, and long service life, Genuine Mercedes-Benz Batteries offer a range of outstanding characteristics that will power the vehicle’s electrical system effectively, while guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Genuine Mercedes-Benz Batteries feature evolved lead-calcium-silver technology, which requires no maintenance and provides 20% higher service life thanks to better corrosion resistance. It’s also important to remember that Genuine Mercedes-Benz Batteries can be warrantied at any Mercedes-Benz dealer nationwide.

So, when it comes to maintenance or repair, give your customers the excellence they expect. Always recommend Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts.

For more information on their competitively priced parts, contact the Wholesale Parts department at your local dealership. For program details on their Remanufactured Parts Portfolio, please visit their website at

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